Ceilidh Band

A ceilidh is the ideal form of entertainment at a wedding as it brings everyone together. There will be lots of excitement on the dance floor giving your guests memories to share for years to come.

It's fantastic fun for all ages, seasoned dancers and raw beginners alike! Guests from near and far love the opportunity to see and directly participate in Scotland’s culture. No experience is necessary - the emphasis is on having a great time and mixing the crowd.

Our dance caller will guide you and your guests through all of the dance steps…

 engages and motivates your guests in a friendly light-hearted way
 creates a relaxed atmosphere making it easy for everyone to “have a go”
 walks you through the steps before each dance
 helps arrange your guests for the set dances
 continues to guide you through the steps as the music plays.

Popular Ceilidh Dances

 Dashing White Sergeant
 Gay Gordons
 St Bernard’s Waltz
 Canadian Barn Dance
 Virginia Reel
 Flying Scotsman
 Circassian Circle
 Military Two Step
 Pride of Erin Waltz

You will be guided through them all…and of course all the best Scottish weddings finish on a high with an Orcadian Strip the Willow - guaranteed to be a talking point the next morning!

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